John Liu
Registered Architect
B.Arch(Hons) B.PD(Arch)

John established Inbetween Architecture in 2012, after 10 years experience in a range of industry sectors including residential, public and community buildings, education and retail.
His interest in architecture has always been centred on the human experience and the importance of those intrinsic connections we have to the places where we spend our lives.
His artistic background in music and as an award-winning photographer adds another layer to his design approach and he creates each new project with an open-minded fascination.

John has been fortunate to work within practices at the forefront of innovative ESD (Ecologically Sustainable Development) strategy and he sees this as essential to all the work he does. ESD is embedded in the design from the start and shapes his projects in a holistic way, rather than as bolted on accessories. John is committed to creating responsible architecture, in all meanings of the term from how he accepts commissions to how he guides his clients’ decision-making processes and, ultimately, with the stunning architecture he produces.

For John, the divine is in the detail. He loves crafting special moments and unexpected delights that give depth and nuance to each new project. As a hands-on father to primary-aged twins, John truly understands the beauty in a quiet moment in between the busy madness of modern life.

Steph Richardson
Registered Architect
M.Arch B.PD(Architecture) BA(History)

Steph joined Inbetween Architecture at the beginning of 2015. Her passion for contemporary design is coupled with a background in architectural history, which leads to a blending of traditional ideas with a contemporary sensibility. She loves helping clients renovate to see the reinvention of existing spaces and the way that adaption of architecture helps families meet their ever-changing lifestyle needs.

Steph works closely with clients to understand their project goals and guide them through the process of delivering bespoke architectural solutions, which not only meet but exceed their expectations.

Steph enjoys the hands-on, end-to-end experience of a small practice, where she can focus deeply on the detail of each project and see the impact each renovation project has on people’s lives.
To create unique designs that enhance the lifestyles of the clients she works with, Steph knows collaboration is critical and her attitude as a team player is all about working with the best possible people to deliver a quality finished product. As a Mum to two young children, Steph is constantly amazed at the excitement of seeing the ordinary in a new light.